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Harris Crane Service Area 2023 Map.png

Grand Saline, TX
Hockley, TX
Baytown, TX
Cote Blanche, LA
New Iberia, LA
Canaveral, FL
Guntersville, AL

Clarksville, TN

Saltville, VA
Danville, VA
White Marsh, MD
Rittman, OH
Cleveland, OH

Middletown, VA
Buchanan, VA
Loris, SC
Castlewood, VA
Crab Orchard, TN
Sherwood, TN

Charlotte, NC
Braselton, GA

Feed Ingredient Brokerage

Feed Ingredient Brokerage

Our original business model dates back to the beginnings as a company, and still plays a major role in our company’s success today. This business model establishes a marketplace for the many ingredients that are included in animal feed production.


Our Feed ingredient customers can contact us for industry-wide news, buying, selling and pricing opportunities. Once a product is contracted through Harris-Crane, Harris-Crane aids in the pricing, scheduling, logistics, and delivery of the products.

Ingredient Distribution

Harris-Crane partners with companies that produce animal feed ingredient and other products and sell those products into the feed industry. We can offer our supplier-partners the opportunity to sell products to a wider market as we specialize in the feed industry. 


Harris-Crane takes over Scheduling, logistics, and assume some of the risks associated with product delivery. To our customers, we can offer assurance that products are delivered as they are needed.

Ingredient Distribution

Our supply points for the ingredients that we sell are numerous, and our third-party freight alliances make us the best at delivering products as they are required.


Currently, Harris-Crane can source salt from twelve (12) different supply points including our own storage facility in Clarksville, Tennessee. Limestone can be sourced from six (6) supply points in Virginia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.

Futures Trading

Harris-Crane is a Guaranteed Introducing Broker for RJ O’Brien. With three active futures brokers, our customers rely on our knowledge of the grain and futures industry for insight on futures hedging decisions for their businesses.


While we always do all that we can to provide the best insight that we can, it should be noted that no one is perfect there is always a risk of loss.

Futures Trading

Logistics Solutions

Harris-Crane provides third-party logistics, and freight brokerage to our customers while adhering to our commitment for service and follow-through.  Our long-tenured presence in the logistics and transportation world and our strong relationships with third-party carriers gives us a distinct advantage when servicing our Logistics-Solutions customers.  Through quality communication and dedication to provide outstanding service, our Logistics Solutions service can offer a distinct advantage to your company’s freight needs.

Logistics Solutions
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